Winter Bash 2.0

Irish Collegiate Esports is happy to announce our first League of Legends Inter-Collegiate event of the 2017/18 academic year. Team up with friends and other students from your college and get ready to face off against teams from across Ireland.


1st) 3200RP + Triumphant Ryze
2nd) 2400RP
3rd) 1600RP
4th) 800RP                                         


You can find our rules here


The Winter Bash 2.0 will be a two division tournament.  Each Division will have a maximum of 12 teams. If a college wishes to enter more than one team then they will select an A and B team with priority given to team A. If there are still available team slots left close to the deadline then B teams will then be allowed to enter. 

Division One will consist of players with the solo queue rank of Gold 2 or above. 
Division Two will consist of players with the solo queue rank of Gold 3 or lower and with a previous seasons rank no higher than platinum 4. 

The exact cut off point between divisions is Gold 3 100LP. If a player is in a promotion series then it must be completed before registration closes.

If a college submits a team of 4 Division Two ranked players and 1 Division One ranked player, this team will see themselves put into Division One.