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During the downtime between the academic terms, we consult with students for feedback on their experiences with ICE. Working with students to ensure the changes that we consider will benefit them long into the future.

This year is no different and we have decided to make the following changes going forward.

Single Division System

As we strive to improve our offerings, we want to promote inclusivity while also providing a competitive tournament ecosystem. To represent this we’re moving to an open, single division format for League of Legends as we have for all of our other competitive titles. This will end the confusion for new students and promote an environment for students to strive to improve their skills to compete with the best that Irelands Colleges have to offer.


As we’re moving to a single division system across all of our tournament titles, we’re going to require all players on each roster be from the same college, imports are no longer allowed. While we understand that this may pose some difficulties for smaller colleges to field teams, we had 3 different criteria for the formation of teams across our tournament titles and we felt this needed to changed to be more straight forward in the future. This is a long-term change that we hope will allow for colleges to better facilitate the growing interest in Esports among it’s students.


Given the Covid-19 world we are currently in, we know students have a million and one things on their mind. The lack of summer employment and the scarce prospect of future employment for many means that times will be hard and we understand and relate. Due to this we’ve decided that all of our tournaments during 2020/21 academic year will be free to enter.

We hope that removing this barrier to enter and will encourage students to stay indoors, practice, compete and socialise safely.

We’re still offering our same cash prize pools as before as the only collegiate tournament organizer in Europe to do so. We are working hard to link up with publishers and brands to expand our prize offerings.