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The European Championships for university esports is organised by the University Esports Masters (UEM), eleven countries from across Europe organise championships that determine their national representative to compete against the best student players on the continent.

Portugal hosted the 2017 edition of the annual League of Legends series where representatives from six countries competed live in the Penafiel Arena near Porto. The host nation Portugal were crowned champions of Europe after going undefeated in the tournament that included teams from Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain.

As of 2018, Students from Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey and the Nordics will join the UEMasters to increase country representation to eleven and further intensify the competition.

The main focus of the UEM is bringing students together from different cultures and providing them with the opportunity to travel to new places creates lifelong memories. The UEM is not just about the competition but also an opportunity to build friendships and memories that build a unique experience that will shape a students future.

We believe Esports is a powerful tool that can give students a voice and empower them to do great things, the UEM purpose is to give students the opportunity to build and express themselves through esports.

If you’d like to see what it’s like to experience what the UEM has to offer then watch this video!
Ireland was represented in 2018 by Trinity College Dublin.

Did you know? The UEM also acts as Europes qualifying tournament in which the top two teams go onto represent Europe Tencent’s International College Cup which is hosted in China and features collegiate teams from all around the globe.