University Esports Masters(UEM) is a European esports league in which several teams, while representing their universities and national leagues, battle for the title of European champion. Each UEM member countries puts forward a team(usually the winner of their own national league) to battle it out against the other contenders for this prestigious title.

As our 2016/2017 Inter-Collegiate Championship came to a close, University esports Masters invited Ireland to participate in the European group stages of what would later lead to the International College Cup. The ICC pitted the best of Europe against the best of North America, Japan, Korea and South East Asia.

Unfortunately Ireland did not make it out of the group series and Europe was instead represented by Portugals FEUP Masters from the University of Porto Engineering Faculty and Netherlands Dorans Ring from Radboud University Nijmegen.

Both FEUP Masters and Dorans went onto to play in the International College Cup, hosted by Tencent in Wuhan, China. Europe was subsequently knocked out in the group stages of the ICC allowing two teams from North America and China to progress forwards.