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The Winter Challenge


First Place: €200
Second Place: €100


Player Ticket: €5



How do I sign up?

The first thing every player on any team, for any game, needs to do is register an account on this website. This is important for tracking payouts, competitive sanction, eliminating smurfing and accounting sharing. You can register/login at this link.

Once you have an account on this website, you can pick your ticket from the ICE shop 

Who can compete in this tournament?

In all games, all players must be a registered student in Ireland (Republic or North).
4/5 players must be attending the same University

Can we use a sub?

Substitute players are optional.
Substitute players will still need to purchase a player ticket from the shop


The Winter Challenge will be an online tournament.  Winter Challenge will have a maximum of 12 teams. If a college wishes to enter more than one team then they will select an A and B team with priority given to team A. If there are still available team slots left close to the deadline then B teams will then be allowed to enter. 

If we have a full 12 teams the tournament will be structured as follows

  • Two groups of 6
  • Top 3 teams will advance into a single elimination bracket.

If we have 8 teams the tournament will be structured as follows

  • Two groups of 4
  • Top 2 teams will advance into a single elimination bracket


The tournament will begin on the 15th of October