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This article was written by Chloe Seymour

Recently, I had the privilege of talking to David ‘God Of Fire’ Dunne, captain of Trinity’s CSGO team, ‘Trinity Force’ (I.C.E Winter Challenge champions) just before their game against the NUIG Griffins. A game where Trinity stomped their opponents, garnering themselves a win.

Talking to David, he mentioned how it will be his teams first time representing Ireland internationally. As someone who was interested in football and running, he finds it exciting that in one of his hobbies he gets to play such a large role in the community saying he is ‘looking forward to it a lot’. He thinks they might be playing against the UK, an exhilarating opportunity but a tough opponent with a lot of pressure on them according to David.

He talks about his feelings coming up to games, mentioning how exciting it always is but goes into more detail on how nervous he is before a match, ‘the first ten minutes I’m shaky’. I guess no matter what your skill level is, you are still human and like the rest of us, David still gets the jitters. He reminisces about the last I.C.E tournament he was in (SoundBlaster CS:GO Inter-Collegiate Championship) he had the jitters then too but jokes it could have just been too much Red Bull. His team actually came second to DIT (now TUD) in that tourney.

We got onto the topic of training and practice. I asked David how much he practices before matches and how often he plays the game in his downtime. Unfortunately for all of us, David has no desire to start playing CSGO professionally following college and remarked that he definitely does not put as much time into training when compared to college’s such as UCD do into perfecting their craft.

Despite no intentions in pursuing a career in esports, David said he thinks I.C.E. is a great opportunity for meeting new people who have the same interests as you and expanding your skill set with how regular and organised the tournaments are. It gives a great experience and an idea of what the professional area of esports is like for players, which is exactly what people look for in any organisation at college level.

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