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This week we caught up with Tadhg “Celtic Tiger” Brennan for a few questions!

What do you study?

Mechanical engineering, finishing this year. Either moving into the industry or a bio-engineering masters afterward.

When did you start playing League of Legends?

Halloween 2013 is when I first tried playing League. I should emphasise the word try as it was not a pretty start. At least I’ve improved since then.

What has kept you playing League of Legends?

Well, I work as a League of Legends shoutcaster so that will naturally bring me back. Realistically though, I keep playing as I enjoy the game. The strategy element always interests me both when watching and playing. Although as a caster I must say it is easier to observe and discuss the strategy than it is to implement it in a lot of cases

What do you think of esports at collegiate level?

Well, most players in the Irish scene are in their early 20s so the Irish scene as a whole is fairly well represented. However, the collegiate scene is definitely weaker due to the limitations on who can play together. Certainly in Trinity anyway, I think there is still a long way to go with regards to improving the stature of esports in colleges though, as it tends to be organised by the players ahead of any college societies.

Are you excited to be representing Ireland at the UEM?

Yes, I like free travel. Honestly, though, it is nice to be able to represent Ireland as a player as I have only ever traveled as a caster before. Hopefully we can put up a solid performance

Any last words?

I hope all of my fans out there is ready to see a potentially decent performance.