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We asked Adam ‘Stark’ Hughes for his thoughts on the competition ahead!

As the Trinity College Dublin Top laner, Adam will be representing Ireland as Inter-Collegiate Champions this summer as TCD will take on Europes best at the University Esports Masters finals in Tenerife in July.

What do you study?

I study Business at Trinity College Dublin.

When did you start playing League of Legends?

I started playing in season two right after the Lulu patch.

What has kept you playing League of Legends?

I’ve met a lot of friends through league of legends, and it’s a great game to hop in and play one or two casually without taking up too much time. It’s also the first game I got actually good at so my competitive drive kept me going.

What do you think of esports at collegiate level?

It’s a lot bigger than expected, I certainly never expected to be going to Tenerife to play against other European countries. It’s a great opportunity for people to show their talent and experience big LANs that otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance.

Are you excited to be representing Ireland at the UEM?

Yeah, the tournament should be good fun.

Both the winners and the runner-ups of the UEM will go onto represent Europe in Xian in China against students from across the world, did you ever think when you started to play League of Legends that something like this might happen?

I certainly never expected to potentially go to China to play league that’s for sure.

Any last words?