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Sound Blaster Collegiate Championship Finals on RAID Main Stage!

Having the finals at RAID means games will be played on the main stage with PCs being provided and entry passes for the weekend for the 2 teams that qualify for finals. It is strongly recommended that you bring your own peripherals(Mouse, Keyboard, Headset and Mouse Mat) If you cannot to this then some will be provided.



All members of the team must be registered Students in the 2017-2018 academic year.

All members of the team (Minimum 6 players) must be registered Students in the 2017-2018 academic year and 4 players must attending the same college in order to represent that college. This allows teams to have one or more ‘imports’ from other colleges but the core 4 members from the represented college must be fielded in each game.

All members must be willing to attend RAID2018 on Saturday 31st of March. Teams that make it to the Finals will be given a Weekend Pass for RAID2018.



Registering to Enter

Each team be required to register a minimum of 6 players but up to a maximum of 8 if they would like to register subs.

Price per player will be €22.00 which will need to be paid before registration period ends on the 9th of February 2018.

To register a team please sign up here and then proceed to pay the registration fee here once you have received your ticket promotional code from ICE.





The Format we will be using will be Round Robin Groups, 4 teams per group. Single Elimination 8 team playoffs.

This means games will go on for 5 weeks plus the finals at RAID2018.

Games will be starting on 12th of February and ending on the 12th of March.

Finals will be at RAID2018




There will be a prize pool of €650 split between the two finalist teams. Each team will also receive a free weekend pass to RAID2018.

First place will receive €400 and Second will receive €250.





If you are attending RAID2018 as a BYPOC attendee, you can just buy a BYOC ticket instead of a ICE CS:GO Weekend Ticket and this will cover your entry into The Sound Blaster Collegiate Championship as well as what the weekend has to offer.

When you have done this please email to inform him of this so there are no mix ups.