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This is our first year running Smash events and so far our circuit has taken us to Dublin City University, Maynooth University, Queens University Belfast and University College Cork on our path to find our first collegiate champion. 

There have been some fantastic games, great comebacks, intense reactions and we want more. 

We’ve decided that we will be changing our plans for an online qualifier to one last in-person qualifier that will take place in UCD on Saturday 13th of April. It’s in UCD that we will see our last 3 finalists selected to join those who have qualified at previous events at our Grand Finals.

If you’d like to get a ticket for this event then you can here

We know the Smash community is dedicated to their craft and while we had preliminary planned a live final event originally for the 20-21st of April. We were late announcing and now understand that this would clash with Impact which is on the same weekend. Due to this and exams that would take place shortly after for college students around the country we have decided to postpone the finals until after exam season, taking any pressure to attend off those who have qualified. 

We would like to mention in this post that we will be increasing the prizing around our grand finals.

We will be increasing this to a Champions Hoodie + €125 for 1st place, €75 for 2nd place and €25 for 3rd. 

The 2019 Champions Hoodie (Please note this is just a design prototype and may change)

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