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Irish Collegiate Esports is proud to announce that for our Summer Split we will be introducing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Overwatch to our games roster!


Recently we polled students from all across Ireland to see what titles they would be interested in competing in the most. We feel that students should always have input into our decision-making process. We got results back from a ton of students from around the country, which shed a lot of light on what games you guys want to be featured in ICE!

The new Super Smash Bros. game garnered a lot of interest as a part of the poll. This will be our first foray into a non-PC title as a part of the championship, and we at ICE are very excited to add Smash Ultimate to our lineup!

Alongside this, Overwatch has recently seen a big surge in popularity, particularly here in Ireland. This a great time to get involved in the Irish Overwatch scene, and we want to help students get their first taste of competitive Overwatch. As they say, the world needs more heroes!

We will be running these two new titles as a part of the Inter-Collegiate Championship alongside our classic pairing of League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We are still working on the details for each game, but announcements regarding the ICC will be coming soon. With four games to choose from for students to compete in, the second half of the academic year is shaping up to be a great one for collegiate esports!

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