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We’re super excited to be running our fifth and final qualifier for The Smash Ultimate Collegiate Championship. This event takes place at University College Dublin. We will be using the Red Room in the Student Center on Saturday 13th of April. 

We will have Red Bull and Pizza for players taking part!

Do I need to pre-register? 
All participants will need to create ICE accounts on our website before the event starts so it is best to do this online before the event.

Do I need to need to buy tickets online?
Tickets bought online to ensure that you’ve already signed up to the website and in case of a big turn out(We have a max of 64 places) Online tickets will take precedent over tickets bought on the door.

How much is the entry fee? 
It costs €5 to enter.

What rules are you running?
You can find the ruleset here.

What place do I need to come to qualify for the finals?
You need to place in the top 3 to qualify for the finals. 

Where is the tournament being held?
The tournament is being held in the Red Room in the Student Center

What time does registration start?
Registrations start at 12.30pm until 1.15pm.

What time does the tournament start?
The Tournament will begin at 1.15pm until 6pm

Do I need to bring my own controller or Game Cube Adapter?
We expect a large turn out as this event so it would be best to do so.

If you want any additional information please contact an admin on the ICE Discord listed below. 

Follow us on social media to keep updated about upcoming information.