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Here are the competitors in the ICE Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Grand Finals! 

Gregory “The Greg” Partridge is a Trinity Player who despite going 0-2 at our first event, levelled up fast and went on to take the highest seed at our largest event! Self Proclaimed Best Yoshi in Ireland Greg has been rapidly rising in the scene. 

Lucas “Lil Cheese” Clynch, also from Trinity is a veteran of the Irish Scene. He is our highest seed from DCU playing mostly Pokemon Trainer. Since then he has been between mains but as of late has been making waves with his Ike. 

Thomas Keyes aka Flappy Falco is known for his uncommon opinions and even more so his uncommon character pool. Playing a huge majority of the cast, he is perhaps most synonymous with his namesake Falco. After an underwhelming first bought at DCU Thomas quickly made a name for himself getting 7th at Maynooth (Losing to Cork Winner Caasinom) and then 4th at UCD. 

Séan “King” Hammond is our first DCU finalist. Formerly known as “Verren,” Seán has some of the most impressive results of any competitor, winning UCD and coming 4th at DCU. Be sure to watch out for him and his Ness. 

Ryo Akita, going by his first name is a Shulk Player and our next player from DCU. He earned second seed at the DCU Qualifier with his impressive Shulk and Cloud Play. 

Eamonn “Flannel” Crawford is our last finalist from DCU. Known as a hard working player he has recently earned great results at events like Road to Celtic Throwdown. He is the third qualifier from our DCU tournament where he showed off his expert Pichu Skills. 

The so-called underdog of the tournament, Nathan “Nate” Magee, who goes by Phatrolls recently made an incredible run at Road to Celtic Throwdown taking down many top Irish names to get 5th at the event. Nathan’s underdog status comes from his 7th place finish at our DCU qualifier earning him a low seeding but despite this his recent results prove just how talented he is. Nate is known for his expert Inkling Play. 

Maynooth’s Resident Ike player, Jason “Jaso” Leonard is our second qualifier from our UCD event where he made a very impressive run taking wins off of many other finalists. 

Solomon “Shiara” Goss‘ result as the last qualifier from our Maynooth event may not seem as impressive as other finalists’ but when you look at the players he faced it becomes immediately clear how high his standard of play is. Known for primarily for his Lucina, Solomon also has a strong Ganondorf. He is also an avid League of Legends Player. 

David “Psynergy” McUmunna gave us one of the most exciting and nail biting sets in all of ICE Smash so far in a nail biting game 5 set against our top seed The Greg. With his extremely impressive Link Play, David will be one of the toughest opponents for anyone who faces him in Saturday. 

A figurehead of the Maynooth Smash Scene Dan “Dan2D” Dempsey is known for both his Pichu and Lucina Play. Dan attended 3 ICE qualifiers with impressive showings at each before finally qualifying through our UCD event. 

Our second Belfast Finalist, Jaime “Dingle” Kirk is a Ness main who had impressive results at Impact 6 and at our Belfast Qualifier.

Calum “430” Young is perhaps the most versatile player in all of our series. Originally playing Greninja at the Belfast qualifier and making it to winners finals where he narrowly lost. He then revealed his Mii Sword Fighter and went on to take the entire qualifier in dominant fashion. Since then he has tried his hand at even more characters, focusing mainly on Dedede at Impact 6 where he won the amateur bracket! 

Isaac “Caasinom” Harrington was the winner of our Cork Qualifier! Always looking for games online Isaac has been quickly making a name for himself around the country. Also placing 5th at our Maynooth event, this Lucina is not one to be messed with. 

Ruairc “Tintreach” Malone, formerly known as R.A.M. is a “Ness” main from Cork who is our second qualifier from our Cork event! Also placing 7th at UCD Ruairc is one to be watched. 

Our final competitor is none other than Peadar “Pahdurr” O’Connor. Corks number one Wolf Player, Peadar has been improving at a phenomenal rate and will make a fierce opponent for whoever he faces this weekend! 

This article was written by Vince Casey

Vince Casey

Vince Casey

Smash Ultimate Product Manager

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