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Please read and follow the instructions in the steps below. If you have any issues with any of the following instructions then please contact an Administrator via our Discord

Step 1

The first thing every player on any team, for any game, needs to do is register an account on this website. This is important for tracking payouts, competitive sanctions, eliminating smurfing and account sharing.

Register Here

Step 2

Fill in your details as requested. Some fields are required to be filled in as the information is needed for administrative purposes. Please fill out the registry as accurately as possible 

Step 3

Once your account has been registered, it must be manually approved by an Administrator. If your account has not been approved within 48 hours then please contact an administrator via our Discord.

Once your account has been approved you can proceed to the store and purchase the tickets relevant to the tournaments that you wish to participate in.

Note: Only a Team Captain should get the Team Ticket. Regular players only need ICE Website Accounts.

Step 4

Captains that buy a ticket will receive a Battlefy join code and google form in their email. From there, Captains proceed to the official ICE Battlefy and enter the join code in the appropriate tournament. From there, they will be given a link to send to the rest of their players to join their team.

The Captain will then need to fill out the Team Sheet Google Form with the information requested. 

Once these steps are complete, your team will be fully registered. 

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