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As the 2020/21 academic year draws closer, we want to share some further changes that will come into effect this year. This is mainly in relation to how our tournaments will operate this year. As ICE continues to grow it’s important for us to grow all aspects of ICE at the same time.

We will be be introducing a set day that each of our tournament titles will take place on.

Tuesday Rocket League
Wednesday CS:GO
Thursday League of Legends
Friday Rainbow 6: Siege

We would like to confirm what this means: Your weekly matches must be played on it’s respective day. You can no longer play your game at any point throughout the week as you have been able to do in previous academic years.

This change was something that we have been internally debating since it’s first attempted implementation in 2018. We always knew this would need to be implemented eventually as the previous system was unsustainable beyond a certain growth point, which we can confirm happened in the 2019/2020 academic year. This system will allow students who sign up know exactly what commitment they are making in terms of days they need to be available to play and it will allow us as organisers to better coordinate our broadcasting staff. Our goal is and has always been to develop Collegiate Esports in Ireland to it’s highest level. We hope you will support us in these changes going forward.

Captains will still need to inform their Tournament Administrators of what time their games will be planned to take place each week so we can inform our broadcast staff.

We would like to confirm that our upcoming sign up period will take place from Monday 21st of September to the 9th of October with games starting on October 12th.


Sign ups are now live!

Sign ups will be available until the 9th of October with games starting on October 12th.

Tickets are available in our STORE

Keep an eye on our website and socials for more upcoming announcements.