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What do you Study? 

I am a 3rd-year Computer Science student at Maynooth University.

When did you start playing CSGO?

I first started playing CSGO when it first came out and due to the game not being good at first and having no friends who played it, I ended up not touching it for a few years until about 2014 where I started to mess around with friends. I started to really focus on my level of play only in the last year or two.

You entered both CSGO and League of Legends this year, how does it feel to make both CS:GO semi-finals and League of Legends Finals?

It’s an incredible feeling to captain both teams and be able to reach the playoffs. I feel extremely confident about being able to win both events. I have put a lot of time and effort into Improving my individual skill in both games, although most of my focus has gone into improving our League of Legends team and it’s been paying off so far as we have reached the Finals. Last season in CSGO we lost to DIT in the Semi-Finals but this time we beat them in our very first match and with the addition of Seanders to the team I don’t think any team stands a chance of taking even a single map.

What do you think of esports at Collegiate level?

I think currently there is a pretty good skill gap between colleges whether that’s due to people not knowing about the events or the top players not being evenly spread across different colleges I am not sure. I do think there should be two Division like they have in LoL, but even with the Skill gap difference, I think it’s an amazing chance for unknown players to be able to get experience playing in a competitive environment and maybe make a name for themselves. I think once it starts to get more competitive there will be much more attention towards ICE and I hope to keep being part of it.

Any words for your fellow students who have yet to get involved in Collegiate Esports?

I think no matter what skill you’re at you should try to get on either the CS or LoL team especially as usually you can have an A team and a B team, also LoL has 2 divisions which a lot of opportunities for students to be able to compete. You get to experience competitive play while also making new friends and just having a laugh.

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