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So you want to get League of Legends running on computers in your college well that’s great. We are aware that because League updates regularly it can be a pain to get your college to install it on computers even for societies. We have prepared this step by step to get you and your society all set up and ready to play on the rift. Note: Please try official routes in your college before trying this out. 

  1. Get Directx9 installed on the Computers you want to use.
    1. This is really important as without it you can boot the client and set up a game but as soon as you try to load in you will be hit with an error saying you are missing important DX9 files!
    2. The best way to go about this is to contact your college’s internal IT services and ask them to install it since they have admin powers. This might take time but just keep asking and they should do it eventually. (You may have to inform your clubs and socs office that the software is necessary for you society)
  2. Once you have DX9 installed you’re going to want to make sure it was done correctly.
    1. To do this you are going to need to get the league files you have on your PC and copy them onto a 16gb USB (we recommend usb 3.0). You can find these files stored in your local storage in the riot game folder.
    2. Armed with your USB go the computer you have gotten DX9 installed on and plug it in.
    3. Once the usb has been read go into the riot games folder you copied early and run the League client (not the admin one, also there is no need to copy the files onto the computer you’re using just run them from the USB)
    4. Once you are logged in set yourself up in a game (it can be custom if you want to save time). If this all works and you load into the game then you’re ready for the next step.
  3. Once you’ve tested everything it’s time to order some stock
    1. Remember how you moved league onto your USB to test it? Well now you are going to need to do that for as many usb’s as you can because that is what your society is going to play off of.
    2. With an army of league ready USB’s you are now ready to have local sessions in your college, congratulations and don’t forget to book the room you want to play in for weekly sessions


League is a game that is constantly evolving because of this you need to update regularly. If for some reason the game won’t update when you run it on the college computers from the USB then you are going to have to patch it manually by re-copying league onto each usb or installing the updates on each one from your own PC

Author/Credit – Andrew Mclerie