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Player Conduct & Harassment Statement


Over the past 2 to 3 years, ICE has grown beyond the capability to know 99% of the playerbase in our tournaments personally. Although this is something we are incredibly proud of, it is also something that we have struggled to cope with as we rapidly expand and have quite often dropped the ball in a number of places. While in the past, ICE would have known players and teams personally as well as their personality and relationships between one another, this is simply not possible anymore.

As such, going forward, ICE will be moderating “banter” and such much more strictly across our community. We no longer have the ability to distinguish between friendly “banter” and “slagging” as the community has grown so large. While we still support healthy competitiveness between people, direct attacks or personal harassment will not be and have never been tolerated in our community. This includes Discord, the ICE Twitch channels, and the in-game chat of all our tournament games. Players or community members should never, under any circumstances be harassing others while participating in ICE events or activities.

Furthermore, it has been brought to our attention that harassment also takes place outside of official ICE channels. We are aware of this and will continue to work with the affected parties to stop this from happening and issuing punishments to those involved once brought to our attention

To all ICE competitors: we would like to remind everyone that ICE expects all group stage matches and playoff matches to be played in their respective tournament regardless of matchup, placement or otherwise. All matches carry weight in the form of seeding potential for the next ICE season, and players as well as teams may be heavily negatively seeded if opting to drop out of their tournament early due to lack of interest in continuing. As such, if players or teams do need to potentially drop out of their respective tournaments, we would please ask anyone involved to contact ICE Admins or Staff to see if a solution can be found. Players and teams should also be using their best effort to win and play competitively in each and every match they play, regardless of group standings or opponent.

To all ICE competitors and community members: we would like to remind everyone that any issues, regardless of area or topic, should be brought to the attention of ICE Admins and Staff at the earliest possible notice. Players and teams should not drop out of their respective tournaments without notifying ICE Admins or Staff of any potential issues. We would also like to remind players and community members that they can always bring complaints or potential issues to the attention of ICE Admins or Staff in confidence through our ModMail bot in Discord, or by emailing

While ICE is conducting an investigation into a complaint or suspected rule breakage, we would please ask all members of our community to refrain from acting and communicating as though the accusation in question is proven true. ICE will always aim to complete investigations as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Often we cannot share the proceedings of a currently-underway investigation as well as needing time to privately contact the parties involved. ICE would ask for your patience in this regard.

– ICE Admin Team.