If you asked me when I first tried League of Legends for the first time back in 2010 if I ever thought I’d doing something like Irish Collegiate Esports I’d have said no way. This is probably because when I first tried League of Legends, I played by myself and didn’t enjoy it very much. Things change though, I found out there was an Irish Community on facebook for League of Legends and became part of that. I made a lot of friends and loved the community.

During 2012 the call went out for community moderators, as the page had grown from 100 to near 800 very active members. Since then I’ve had one overall rule “If it benefits the community, then I’ll support it” and we’ve continued to grow from there to nearly 3500 members.

I’ve been organising events such as Meet ups and Viewing parties for the Irish community and up until recently I was part of the G-series organisational team and acted as League of Legends Community Manager.

I run an amateur gaming organisation Sentinel Gaming where I bring players together from all ranks and give them a banner to play under for competitive events.

The reason I am running Irish Collegiate Esports is because I want to create something for the benefit of all Irish Gamers, not just League of Legends players. I want to expand into games like CS:GO, Hearthstone and Overwatch. I want to see competitive gaming recognised by the Sports Council of Ireland as a sport. I want to do for teenagers and college students what the Irish Community did for me, I want help people make new friends, I want them to play games and I want people to enjoy themselves while doing so.

Aidan Boylan.
Founder of Irish Collegiate Esports