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League of Legends Collegiate Championship


Streams of the League of Legends Collegiate Championship will be played on Sundays at 8pm.
We will ask one team per round to be available to be streamed at the set time each week.
All other teams can arrange their games to suit the teams involved.

Sign Ups close on the 19th of February 


The 1st place prize for Divison One of this tournament will be: €450
The 2nd place prize Divison One of this tournament will be: €200

The 1st place prize for Divison Two of this tournament will be: €230
The 2nd place prize Divison Two of this tournament will be: €120

Not only do we have cash prizes, but our top teams will also get the first crack at all the fantastic opportunities that we have coming down the pipeline!                 


The first thing every player on any team, for any game, needs to do is register an account on this website. This is important for tracking payouts, competitive sanction, eliminating smurfing and accounting sharing. You can register/login at this link.

Once you have an account on this website, your team captain can buy your ticket from the ICE shop 


You can find our rules here.


In all games, all players must be a registered student in Ireland (Republic or North).
Every player on the team must be attending the same university.


The entry cost for this tournament will be €12.30 per player.
Subs will be allowed to enter free of charge.        


The Collegiate Championship will be a two-division tournament and will consist of a swiss-system group stage leading into a single-elimination knockout stage

The group stage will consist of 5 round of matches, in which teams will be paired for matches against other teams of a similar point score. The matches will be a Best-Of-2 series. A 2-0 match score will grant the winning team 3 points, and the losing team 0 points. A 1-1 match score will grant both teams 1 point.

Once the group has concluded, the top portion of teams will be seeded into the knockout stage. The number of teams entered into the knockout stage from the group stage is dependent on the number of entrants into each division of the ICC 2019, and is at the discretion of ICE admins upon creation of the bracket. The knockout stage is single-elimination. Teams will be directly seeded into this bracket based on their final position in the group stage. Matches in the knockout stage will follow a Best-Of-3 format, until the tournament final which will follow a Best-Of-5 format.

Division One will consist of players with the solo queue rank of Gold 2 or above. 
Division Two will consist of players with the solo queue rank of Gold 3 or lower and with a previous seasons rank no higher than platinum 4. 

The exact cut off point between divisions is Gold 3 100LP. If a player is in a promotion series then it must be completed before registration closes.

If a college submits a team of 4 Division Two ranked players and 1 Division One ranked player, this team will see themselves put into Division One.

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