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This article was written by Brendan Feely and Massimo ‘GreenBastion’ Sabatini

League of Legends continues to be the most popular tournament choice of college students across Ireland. Division 2 continues to be one of the biggest contributing factors to this. We have over 60 students representing 8 different colleges playing, competing, int’ing(however you see it). Up for grabs is the Collegiate Championship for 2019, €350 cash and college glory and prestige!

This article covers Division 2 weeks 1 and 2 so you can keep up with the championship even when they are not streamed live!

Division 2 – Week 1

NCI Panthers (BYE Round)

Trinity Force vs UUSU E-Sports:
Week 1 saw Trinity Force’s division 2 team face off against UUSU E-Sports. Here we saw that clear macro ability of Trinity Force come into play. Over both games, Trinity Force managed to secure both Rift Heralds on their way to victory which should help show their map awareness and ability to push advantages. Trinity Force managed to secure both games, with a resounding 21 – 7 and 17 -2 victory in each, while UUSU E-Sports was only able to push Trinity Force back long enough to secure two towers in their first game. Trinity was quick to capitalise on UUSU’s lackluster performance in game one, shaving almost 9 minutes off their game time in game 1, to win in under 21 minutes in game 2.

Team Fighting – We will definitely be watching Trinity Force in the coming weeks, as their coordination has shown to be very impressive. Each member managed to achieve a high kill participation rate in each game, showing they know how to fight as one.

DCU Titans B vs Maynooth Crusaders:
Following in Trinity’s footsteps, the Crusaders swept aside the Titans in two rapid-fire games this week. Achieving a combined 45 kills from both games, along with denying the DCU Titans a single tower, the Maynooth Crusaders have shown themselves to be a force to contend with, with their bot lane especially hungry to stack up their KDA. The Crusaders showed an imposing objective control in the game, with only a single dragon going to the Titans and not a single tower to their name.

MVP – Valkrie’s KDA of 11 and 19 in each game respectively shows they intend to stake a claim on the bot lane for this tournament. Tread with caution or you will simply become another statistic lost amongst the masses.

NUIG Griffins vs LYIT Gameing:
NUIG and LYIT both entered the tournament with high hopes for success, but new only one could achieve it. LYIT Gameing were quite happy to crush the Griffins dreams for a happy start with a resounding 2 game victory to show they can play as well as any other team. Denying the Griffins any objectives, Gameing went along to overwhelm their opponents in a quick 27-minute game. NUIG came back with determination in game 2, managing to score a notable 22 kills. However, LYIT’s objective control and team fighting ability shone through and helped them secure 33 kills to bring home a win in 37 minutes.

Point of Interest – Évy of LYIT Gameing reminded us why we all hate Jax players, managing to achieve 43% of his team’s damage. Say what you will about Jax, under the right person he sure can deliver.

DCU Titans A – TUD Apes:
To round off week 1, the Titans faced off against the Apes to see which truly stood above the other. Following the alarming trend, the Titans managed to deny the Apes a single objective in game one while securing plenty of their own. Using this advantage, they only needed to secure a 16 – 7 kill advantage to drive home the win against the TUD Apes in a 30-minute game. The Apes attempted to rally in game 2, with increased map awareness and macro approach, this time managing to secure a dragon and rift herald, but it simply was not enough. The DCU Titans punished the TUD Apes for their efforts, focusing more on pushing their lanes than objectives and in turn managing to secure a win in under 27 minutes, with a 20 – 7 kill record.

Concern – TUD Apes bot lane seems to be struggling to get off on the right footing. While not bleeding in game 1, they heavily cost their team with zero kills and a combined nine deaths in game 2. They will need to see if this is a once off or a symptom of something wrong. Either way, they need to sort it pronto.

Division 2 – Week 2

DCU Titans B (BYE Round)

DCU Titans A vs Maynooth Crusaders
Two of the strongest teams of Division 2 clashed in the second round of the Championship. Both the teams won last week, imposing their dominance in their respective debuts. However, there was no winner this time around as they ended up tying the best of two series. The Crusaders, trying to maintain momentum from their Winter Bash victory, managed to take the first game. “Onenoodletwo” looked in in good shape on his Syndra and accompanied by “Grandvolt” with an outstanding Shyvanna jungle. An outstanding performance from “AskAndTheAnswer” showcased exactly what a support Nautilus is capable of, finishing off with 90% kill participation and flattening any hopes DCU Titans A had of winning Game One.
Morale was running high going into Game Two for the Crusaders but Titans A quickly changed that, crushing Crusaders with a collective KDA of 26/9/54 in little more than half an hour. The team looked at peak performance with all the lanes collecting early kills and managing to take objectives across the board. “Immobilewall” took ownership of the jungle with his J4 participating in 24 of the 26 total kills. On the other side, Crusader’s jungler had an unlucky game with a 1/9/4 on the same Shyvanna he used in the previous game. Titans A demonstrated great teamwork and macro giving up only one outer tower in the whole match while demolishing 9 on the enemy side.
We will have to keep a close eye on these 2 teams since they definitely have the potential to bring the title home in this Championship 2019.

Trinity Force vs NCI Panthers
Rough debut for the revised NCI Panthers which drastically changed since they managed to finish 3rd in the Winter Bash. Trinity was coming in victorious after their dominating win in the first round and was looking to keep that the trend going. “R8X” pulled out a surprising Taliyah jungle in both games of the series. After winning game one, “R8X” finished the series with an impressive KDA of 20/5/20 putting huge pressure on the opposing team. The tower counts in the first game speaks for itself, with Trinity destroying 9 turrets leaving only one for NCI. Trinity Force picked up a deciding win at about the 30 minutes.
In the second game, Trinity Force didn’t show any signs of slowing down with “Cøunt Dunkula” going huge on his Swain. quickly becoming a troublesome presence on the rift for the NCI Panthers. “NuaLaoch” was on point with the teleport Shen, who granted global assistance to the whole team. NCI had an even harder game this time, forced to give up 10 towers with none being found in return.
Not the best championship start for NCI. They will need plenty of practice to improve their teamwork and objective controls, while Trinity Forces once again demonstrate that they are willing to fight in order to win this 2019 tournament.

LYIT Gaming vs TUD Apes
The second tie of round 2 was between LYIT and TUD Apes who ended up with a spectacular 1/1. The Apes managed to win the first game with their frontline of Garen, Sejuani, and Braum proving to handle for the LYIT side. “Mhörtmyton” on Fizz and “Heinz Macho” spamming Qs on Ezreal were free to do as they pleased thanks to the peel they received in team fights. Despite LYIT winning the towers count 7 to 5, TUD Apes’ defensive play allowed them to win the first game and even contain “Évy” on what is quickly becoming his signature Jax.
LYIT weren’t willing to give up though and recollected themselves after the break for the second game. They crushed the Apes with a collective KDA of 22/9/26. The Jax this time went to LYIT’s jungle “Ok Boomer”, who definitely blew up, ending the game 10/2/1 granting his team a fed hyper carry that the Apes couldn’t deal with. LYIT showed incredible objective control with 1 baron, 3 drakes and 11 towers giving only a single drake over to TUD Apes.

UUSU E-Sports vs NUIG Griffins
Both the teams were ready to give everything to win this round after they both were defeated 2/0 in the first week. However, it was NUIG came out victorious after stomping UUSU E-Sports in the two games, with much of the game being decided by their outstanding bot lane, “Divine Scythe” as ADC and “Tankmcgee69” on support. “Divine Scythe” dealt almost 40% of the total damage in the first match and NUIG won with no problems without giving up a single objective.
But if the first game was hard for UUSU, the second was a nightmare. This time they had to deal with a problematic Vladimir, piloted by “JerryTheGiraffe”  Then coupled with the snowballing bot lane meant UUSU did not have the resources to deal with the fed NUIG Griffins who were able to close the game with 1 baron, 4 drakes and 10 towers.
UUSU E-Sports are in trouble now. After losing their first two games of this 2019 Championship they will really have to work on their individual and team performances in order to overcome this negative trend. NUIG Griffins will be flying high though after showing what they are capable of despite their defeat in their first round of the tournament.

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