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The first thing every player on any team, for any game, needs to do is register an account on this website. This is important for tracking payouts, competitive sanctions, eliminating smurfing and account sharing.

Some of our tournament spots are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED; only when a team has ALL members registered on Battlefy and the ICE website will their spot be considered ‘taken’ and will be held by ICE Admins

You can do this by selecting Login.

Click the register button.

Fill in your registry details.

We have some core information that must be filled in, after that different game platform handles and usernames are optional based on what games you play.

Once you’ve entered your details and clicked register then you will be brought to your own profile page in which you can choose your own banner and profile picture. 

Then you can click the shop tab in our websites navigation bar.

The tickets you will need to participate in our events will only be purchasable once you have an account created.

You will be able to add a ticket to your cart by hovering over the ticket and clicking the green + that comes up.


Note: Only the captain should get the captains ticket.

Once you have done this you’ll be able to view your cart and continue with your payment.




Captains that buy a ticket will receive a Battlefy join code in their email. From there, Captains proceed to the official ICE Battlefy and enter the join code in the appropriate tournament. From there, they will be given a link to send to the rest of their players to join their team.