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When we launched our 2019 Collegiate Championship we made the decision to change how we organised our tournaments and our broadcasts in order to facilitate the new game titles that we’ve added to our competitive line up. We’ve listened carefully to the students and have decided to make the following changes based on your feedback!

We will still be broadcasting on the selected game days. This means that we will be streaming League of Legends on Sundays at 8pm, Overwatch on Mondays at 8pm and CS:GO on Tuesdays at 9pm. 

We will be changing how games can be organised for the teams entering the Collegiate Championship. We will be selecting teams from those entered to be streamed on certain weeks in advance. Students will be given notice to be available on their selected Game Day. Teams who are not selected to be streamed will be able to organise their games at will as long as they are within the allotted bracket period.
Example: CS:GO UCD VS TCD Week 3 – UCD and TCD must be available on Tuesday at 9pm to be streamed but all other teams are free to organise at will.

We will be extending our sign up period for League of Legends, Overwatch and CS:GO until Tuesday 19th of February at 9pm to allow for students who could not enter under the previous game day and play time stipulation to get organised and enter the Collegiate Championship. 

Keep your eyes on our Website and Social Media as we aim to have another important announced soon!

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