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An update regarding exceptional circumstances and match scheduling


As we announced recently, ICE is moving to a fixed-day match schedule weekly, where players and teams will know week to week exactly which day they’ll be required to play their match(es) depending on what game(s) they are registered for.

At ICE, we have heard your feedback and frustrations with the move to this new system and we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify under what cases “exceptional circumstances” may occur and what constituents the ability to request a match to be rescheduled for a day outside of the weekly match schedule.

As a disclaimer, this list is not exhaustive and merely exists to provide all players and teams with a good sense of what may be considered an “exceptional circumstance” and what will not be. ICE cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate every exceptional circumstance in a way that is suitable for every team and schedule, but we will do our best to. As always, the sooner a potentially exceptional circumstance is brought to our attention, the better the chances that we may be able to figure out a solution to a reschedule while taking the multiple dynamic schedules between all players involved.


Examples of exceptional circumstances:

A sudden bereavement

As an unfortunate reality, sudden bereavements by nature arrive with no warning and may require immediate attention from a competitor. ICE will do it’s best to accommodate these circumstances once brought to our attention, but due to the sudden nature it is not guaranteed that a perfect solution may always be found.

Official university exams

To clarify on this point, “official university exams” encompasses the officially recognized and timetabled exams for all courses in any third level institute. This does not encompass in-class tests which are scheduled at the discretion of your lecturer. Once exam time draws closer, we would advise all students in each college to check their exam timetable once it is released and bring any scheduling conflicts of your matches to our attention as soon as possible.

Natural disasters causing mass outages

It can occur that so called “act of gods” such as flooding/storms/high winds may cause mass utility outages over widespread areas. Due to the sudden nature of such events, it may be difficult to reschedule a match with very short notice, however ICE will attempt to do so at the best of our ability. For a “natural disaster” to be considered as an exceptional circumstance, the outage must be widespread across a large area, such as a whole town or city. Localized outages will not be considered

Examples of what are NOT exceptional circumstances:

Not being able to make it home on time due to a car breaking down or missing a bus/train/etc.

A sudden internet connection issue affecting only your home.

A project deadline that you have been aware of for more than 1 week is due on the night of or the night after you have a scheduled match. A lecturer assignment due in under 1 week is not considered an exceptional circumstance, and this point mainly relates to longer-term continuous assessment projects and reports/final year projects/etc.

Class parties/weddings/general occasions/trips are scheduled for the same night as your weekly match.

Sudden changes in work rotas or shifts.

A player is feeling unwell and wishes to not play, doctor/dentist or hospital appointments.

We hope this post gives players the knowledge of what will be considered by ICE as exceptional circumstances before signing up. As always, where possible, the use of substitute players is typically the most recommended course of action for non-exceptional circumstances that may cause issues when scheduling games.

Signups are still open until October 9th at 11pm. Be sure to have your account created on the website and your captain ticket secured before then to avoid missing out on the chance to compete.

For any and all queries related to exceptional circumstances, please get in touch with an ICE admin or member of staff.