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Player Disciplinary Action Guidelines


Here you can find outlined the guidelines related to all disciplinary action that may be distributed by ICE admins or staff to players competing in the current ICE split.

For competitors taking part in our events, your primary point of contact for any issues you may have is your captain. Captains have a direct line of communication to ICE admin and staff, and should thus bring any player or team related issues to our attention as soon as possible. 



For players competing in all ICE tournaments, having a player be late to the server or pre-game lobby after the designated start time will result in penalties. These penalties are already outlined in the ruleset but will be reiterated here for clarity.

League of Legends


Time elapased since Arranged Start Time Penalty
5 minutes 1 Ban Forfeited
10 minutes 2 Bans Forfeited
15 minutes 3 Bans Forfeited
25 minutes Game Forfeited

In a match consisting of more than one game, the “Arranged Start Time” is defined as 10 minutes after the completion of the previous game.


Time elapsed since Arranged Start Time Penalty
10 minutes 1st Map Ban Forfeited
20 minutes 2nd Map Ban Forfeited
30 minutes Forfeit Your Map Pick
40 minutes Forfeit Both Maps


Rocket League

Time elapsed since Arranged Start Time Penalty
10 minutes 1st Game Forfeited
20 minutes 2nd Game Forfeited
30 minutes Series Forfeit


R6 Siege

Time elapsed since Arranged Start Time Penalty
10 minutes 1st Map Ban Forfeited
20 minutes 2nd Map Ban Forfeited
30 minutes Forfeit Your Map Pick
40 minutes Forfeit Both Maps



Time elapsed since Arranged Start Time Penalty
10 minutes Forfeit Your Map Ban
20 minutes Forfeit Your Side Selection
30 minutes Forfeit Your Map Pick
40 minutes Series Forfeit


ICE would also like to remind all competitors that they must be present in their respective tournament voice channel in the ICE Discord server prior to game start to ensure both admin support and player accountability where necessary. Player absenteeism from their tournament voice channel prior to a scheduled match start may result in the above penalties applied, even if the player is in the pre-game lobby or server.


Outlined below are the general offences and punishments that may be encountered throughout an ICE tournament split. ICE would also like to remind players that in order to compete in ICE events, you must have access to the ICE Discord server. Therefore, for example, a Discord ban of 1 week also equates to a match ban of 1 week, as you would not be present in Discord for that particular week.

In-Game Offences

  • Excessive profanity & hate speech.
  • Abusive behaviour towards opponents.
  • Abusive behaviour towards ICE staff/admins/referees.
  • Threats of physical violence towards others.
  • Harrassment.
  • Inappropriate usernames/profile images.
  • Collusion/Match fixing.
  • Ringing (playing for someone else).
  • Use of exploits.
  • Use of display names that differ greatly from those listed on Battlefy.
  • Use of third party cheat software or anything that compromises the competitive integrity of the match.
  • NSFW content in-game.
  • Ignoring admin/staff/referee requests.
  • League of Legends: Excessive Mastery Icon spam.
  • CS:GO: The use of offensive, excessive or game breaking chat macros/binds.

Discord/Forum/Twitch Chat Offences

  • Ignoring admin/staff/referee requests.
  • Breaking any of the Discord rules outlined in the ICE Discord rules channel.
  • Threats of physical violence towards others.
  • Targeted harrassment of a player, competitor, supporter, ICE staff/admin/referee, or general member of the Discord server, website forum or Twitch chat.



Offence Level Punishment
1st Offence Official warning
2nd Offence One series ban
3rd Offence Two series ban
4th Offence Full split/remainder ban

To Note:

Offences that occur during off-season or outside of competitive splits will carry over to the start of the next ICE tournament split. For example, if John gets a 2nd offence ban from Discord during the summer, he will not be able to compete in the first week of matches once the winter split commences.

For any offences that incur match time bans (anything other than an official warning) ICE will be informing the college society or faculty that the competitor represents.

At the conclusion of an ICE split, all current offence holders will be dropped back to the previous offence level. For example, if John has currently received a two series ban for his 3rd offence, at the conclusion of the split he will be reverted to currently having served a 2nd offence punishment. This means if John is to break another ICE rule, he will receive a 3rd offence two series ban again in the coming split.

In cases of severe rule breaking, ICE reserves the right to permanently ban competitors from our events indefinitely at Admin/Staff discretion. The above list of offences is not exhaustive, and ICE admins or staff will apply these rules accordingly to offences not covered above.

Record of disciplinary actions taken and rule breaking offences will be kept on the ICE forums here: Player Disciplinary Actions

For the reporting of offences, please notify an ICE admin or staff member. You can also email