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Written by Brendan ‘PlantsDontFly’ Feely

Week 3 Division 1

After an impressive opening two weeks of gameplay, week three saw the chance for the emerging clumps to break away from the mold. With five teams vying for first place and some facing off against each other, this was their chance to show to everyone who the superior teams in play were. With Europe and the Worlds marching closer each week, these contenders had to show they were capable of playing against the best, while those with a more lackluster start had an opportunity to prove they weren’t out of the running yet.



NetSoc Rebels vs Maynooth Crusaders:
Week 3 opened with first-place teams Rebels and Crusader vying to edge the other out of the running. What followed was a grueling battle for dominance in game 1 as NetSoc Rebels sought to overwhelm the Maynooth Crusaders. Despite managing to edge out a notable kill lead of 24 – 7, the Crusaders forced the Rebels into a drawn-out game lasting a little over 41 minutes. While managing to secure multiple objectives for themselves, the Crusaders had lost their advantages over the game which resulted in a victory for the Rebels. Not to be outdone, the Crusaders return for vengeance in game 2 and swept aside any resistance to close out with a 22 – 6 kill victory in 28 minutes. This time around the Crusaders ensured a comfortable dominance in the objective area, denying a single tower to the Rebels before driving home the win.

Point of Interest – Maynooth Crusaders continued to show their significant understanding of the macro game on the Rift. Be it in victory or defeat, they have shown a notable skill in securing map objectives to help their team push forward such as securing the Rift Herald in both games. At the rate they are going, we might as well put a Crusader’s logo in the Pit alongside Shelly.


TUD Apes vs UCD Swans:
Another battle for dominance at the top of the leader board saw the TUD Apes face off against the UCD Swans on the Rift this week. The opening minutes promised to show an entertaining set of games with the first kills going to both teams in the bot lane in the opening three minutes. Less than a minute later saw Hanash’s Kha’Zix invade Moot’s jungle for a surprise kill. This momentum continued into the early game, culminating in a 3 – 8 lead for the Swans by the thirteen-minute mark. With an infernal under their belt and a three thousand gold lead, the Swans did not let the Apes catch their breath. Continuing on in this way, the secured a notable four dragons, one baron and utter clearing of the Apes defensive line by taking eleven turrets to secure their win in under 29 minutes. Moving onto game two, the Apes entered the game with a promise not to let the Swans take flight as easy as before. Playing a significantly more aggressive match up, the Apes aimed to knock the Swans out of the running, but the Swans managed to hold their own. While suffering a kill deficit for a sizable portion of the game, the Swan ensured their lane farming made up the difference along with an active contention of objectives. With some difficult performances in team fights by the Swans, they were gradually able to close the distance and pull ahead of the Apes. Using this advantage to take the Elder Dragon at the 40-minute mark, the UCD Swans were able to then close out an impressive game for a victory.
MVP – Kevaman has once again shown that they are a significant threat in this league. Showing an ability to flex from traditional ADCs such as Sivir to a melee champ like Yasuo present a unique threat in the bot lane and makes developing counter plays a difficult prospect for any future games. Securing double-digit kill stats in both games is no small feat either, showing their comfort playing these range of champions.


UUSU Resolve vs CIT Sprouts:
Our underdog game of the week saw the Sprouts attempt to take on the top tier of Resolve to bounce back from a lackluster week one and two. Unfortunately for CIT, UUSU Resolve had achieved their place at the top through skill and not luck. As such, game one saw Resolve sweep the Sprouts aside as one does on a dinner plate as they chased after the juicy nexus hidden away. After a short game of 24 minutes, UUSU managed to score 17 – 3 kills for their tally while denying the CIT Sprouts a single objective in the game. However, there are signs of hope for CIT moving forward. Coming into game two after such a one-sided affair, CIT still managed to give a much stronger showing than previously. Pushing Resolve back, the Sprouts managed to score an impressive 19 – 17 kills rebound, but unfortunately were unable to take control of the game. Resolve ensured the won the map control with eight towers to CIT’s two and secured their game two wins in under 32 minutes.

Concern – CIT Sprouts seem to be struggling to find a bot lane that can work well, and now three weeks having finished is no doubt creating a concern for the team. Despite subbing the support role in both games trying to find a balance, the Sprouts were unable to find that necessary mix with a combined eleven deaths in both games. Unless CIT can find a solution soon, they will remain resolutely at the bottom of the table.


Trinity Force vs DCU Titans – Titans Victory

Unfortunately, Trinity Force was unable to field a team for this round of the tournament.