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UCD A vs UUSU Score: 1-0
Map: Cache 16-8   MVP: DragS

Our final game of the group stages took place on Cache. UCD A, who had been consistently good throughout the tournament, were looking to continue that form against underdogs UUSU, who surprised many with a string of decent performances.

Starting out on CT side, UUSU were able to hold off the A execute from UCD, defusing the bomb with plenty of time remaining. UCD were only able to find one gun round before Doylos picked up three kills, forcing them back onto a weaker buy. Ironically, though, it was that weaker buy that got UCD their second round. It was back and forth for a few more rounds before UCD started to wake up. They won the last 7 rounds of the half, finishing 11-4.

The second half unfolded much the same way as the first. UUSU were able to take the site they had previously defended to win the pistol. From there, they were able to pick up another two rounds before DragS pulled off some heroics with the AWP to give UCD their first CT round. Things snowballed from there, with UUSU only able to find one more round before UCD were able to close out the game with a final score of 16-8.

TUD vs UCD A-Team Score 0-1
Map 1: 16-13 MVP: BooCull

In what is perhaps the biggest upset of the CS:GO tournament so far, UCD B-Team has done what the A-Team failed to do for the past 2 years – they have beaten TCD. UCD B started on CT side, TCD on T. The game started out neck and neck, in what was assumed to be a feeble effort from UCD B to soften the blow. But round after round, UCD B came out on top, finishing the half 10-5, with Ferex having an 18-2 K/D at one stage.

The map was Dust 2, a bold pick from UCD B given that they knew TCD were more than comfortable on it, but TCD were in for a shock. TCD took the 2nd pistol to bring themselves back into the game, bringing it to an even 10-9 in UCD B’s favour. UCD B struck back and took it to 13-9 however before TCD made a desperate grab, stringing 4 rounds before UCD B closed it out, 16-13.
The pivot point of UCD B’s success was identifying the B bombsite as TCD’s weak point. Round after round they switched up their plays, always ending up on B, be it through middle or through tunnels. They really started to abuse it in the last number of rounds,
The game finished with an incredibly disciplined B hit, with one of the most nail-biting after plants in the tournament so far. 3v3, bomb down on B, with UCD B giving TCD nothing to work with. Ticking down the clock, taking a pick, then a 2nd, before BooCull closed out the round with a last-second swing onto Stephen. 16-13 to UCD B.
MVP for the game was BooCull, dropping 28 kills with a 1.49 rating, stepping up huge for the squad on their T side. UCD B moves on to play NCI in the quarterfinals, and TCD moves on straight to the semis. There, TCD will play the winner of UCD A vs UUSU in the other leg of the quarterfinals.

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