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Week 2
UCD A-Team: 1 vs UCD B-Team: 0

Map 1: 16-2 MVP: EviN

9 o’clock Monday night held a very much anticipated matchup for both the UCD teams. The A-Team vs the B Team was, needless to say, a high tension-high stakes matchup. What better playground for the matchup than de_cache.

Although the 2 teams have never faced off officially before, the players on both sides are more than familiar with each other’s playstyles. They’ve all played together at one stage or another, be it pugs or 10-mans. That just makes this match all the more interesting!

After a close but brief 18 rounds, UCD A-Team took the win (as expected), a decimating 16-2. The MVP for the game was EviN dropping a 1.89 rating. dragS and Incipiens finished close behind, with 1.59 and 1.54 rating respectively.

Notable rounds/events:
Quigs risky push in mid for UCD B on CT-side got massive info and shut down the A team’s A-site push with a counter-stack.
MrTurtle and EviN 2v4 post plant hold on the A bombsite.
Incipiens and EviN ripping up B main and checkers nearly every T round on the default.
MrTurtle 1v2 clutch to close out the game. Quick but close 1v2 retake on the A bombsite.

The UCD A-Team advance into the 2-0 bracket, and the UCD B-Team advance into the 1-1 bracket.

Week 3
UCD B Team: 0 vs UUSU: 1

Map 1: 13-16 MVP: Cormac

Down in the 1-1 bracket, we saw UUSU come up against the UCD B-Team. UCD B, with a sub, was certainly considered favourites going into this, and as a result, such a close-fought loss must’ve come with devastation.

The game started out in a convincing manner for UCD B, taking pistol round and the following round. Striking back, UUSU took the first gun round, and capitalised off of that, making a short but sure string of rounds for themselves.

The 2 teams proceeded to trade rounds for rounds, over and back for the rest of the half. We saw a comedic and disrespectful knife kill from Ferex, as he fell victim to his own teammate’s wild spray.
Here’s a clip of that:

The second half started off with UCD B stepping it up a gear and setting forward in the direction that was predicted before the game. It wasn’t until UCD B were 13-9 up, that UUSU managed to find a footing in the 2nd half. And what a footing they found.

The series of rounds that followed can only be described as the desolation of UCD B. 7 consecutive rounds for UUSU saw UCD B fall into the 1-2 bracket. Site-take after site-take just kept on failing for UCD B. It seemed that no matter where they went, UUSU had that extra man waiting.

UUSU closed out the game 16-13, after shutting down a very intense 1v3 from UCD B’s Hz. UUSU now proceed to the 2-1 bracket. The game’s MVP was Cormac, with a convincing 1.32 rating.

Week 3
TUD: 1 vs UCD A-Team: 0

Map 1: 16-4 MVP: Ventake

One of the most highly anticipated games of the tournament so far, the stage was set for UCD A vs TUD to be an absolute cracker. Both teams were coming into the game with 2 wins and no losses, so there was everything to play for. UCD A came second last semester in the Winter Challenge, so they were looking to go one better this time round. Newcomers TUD were seeking to prove themselves as worthy competitors in the tournament, so stakes were high for both teams.

Taking place on Cache, the game started with TUCD on the T side, giving them an excellent opportunity to get the ball rolling on what is generally considered to be one of the more T-sided maps in the game. TUD had other ideas, however, taking 8 rounds in a row before UCD was able to claw one back.
UCD were doing everything right on their T side, complex site executes went perfectly until it came to actual aim duels. It’s here that UCD fell down. Everyone on the team is a very capable aimer, but when it came to TUD players, they just couldn’t find the shots. Time after time TUD players were pushing through smokes and finding free kills. A lack of good flashes perhaps contributed to this, as TUD were able to shut down most site takes with full vision.
In the end, it was a fast B play that netted UCD their second T-side round. Nonetheless, it was still a very close round, coming down to a 3k from EviN then a 1v1 between Reubish and NoFear, which Reubish did well to win out in.
The half finished 13-2 in favour of TUD, and UCD were left reeling at the sheer power of this team.
It took a 4k from dragS in the CT pistol to get UCD started in the second half, but they were only to get one more round before TUD decided they’d had enough. A fast execute onto the A site completely bypassed the heavy mid presence UCD had to put TUD one round away from match point.
The same execute in the following round gave TUD 15 and completely rid UCD of any sort of economy they may have had. Ventake and Padge were able to close out a 2v3 against UCD’s Deagles and picked up AK to finish the game 16-4.
Uncharacteristically low on the scoreboard for UCD was Incipiens, with only 8 frags to his name at the end of the game. EviN and dragS were doing most of the heavy lifting for the UCD side, with 15 and 12 kills respectively.
Meanwhile, for TUD the kills were pretty evenly divided, with three players sitting on or above 20 kills, and the other two players not far behind.
The result of this match means that TUD is now 3-0, while UCD A drop to 2-1. Next week UCD A are playing Trinity, which should be a close game, while TUD are playing UUSU.

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