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We’ve got a few words from Conor ‘Bat Rastard’ Hussey!

As the Trinity College Dublin Support, Conor will be representing Ireland as Inter-Collegiate Champions this summer as TCD will take on Europes best at the University Esports Masters finals in Tenerife in July.

What do you study?

I study Computer Science at Trinity College, Dublin

When did you start playing League of Legends?

I started playing League back around 2011 just as season one was ending. The game was a complete mess back then but thankfully it’s decent now.

What has kept you playing League of Legends?

The biggest thing that has kept me playing League all these years is friends. I now have a massive group of friends who are League players and we mostly hang out outside of the game.

What do you think of esports at collegiate level?

I think its a good idea, however in smaller countries, it affects colleges massively as the talent pool is not as large, that being said esports is becoming massive and we’re seeing more and more players every year.

Are you excited to be representing Ireland at the UEM?

I think it will be a good experience, I would like to know the level of play from the rest of the European Colleges and to challenge myself to match that.

Any last words?

I will be disappointed if we get destroyed in any of our games. I am hoping we can put up a fight against any team.