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Competitive Ruling Statement



Complainant Date: 20/4/2021

  • Match fixing during TUDublin Ambots vs TUDublin Ape Escape of Week 5 (8/3/2021) 

Timeline: On the 20/4/21 ICE Admins received a complaint in relation to alleged match fixing by TUDublin Apes Ambots and TUDublin Ape Escape in our Valorant Spring Collegiate Tournament during Week 5 of the split. It was also claimed that match fixing taking place during this Week 5 game also caused other teams to be unable to qualify for the season’s playoffs. This prompted an investigation before final placing and prizes were awarded.

Having reviewed all evidence submitted by the complainant(s) and defendant teams we have found the following: 


Upon review of the evidence we have found that TUDublin Ambots displayed unsportsmanlike conduct in their Week 5 series. TUDublin Apes Ambots have been issued with an official warning to all participating players as we believe that all games that take place in our tournaments should be played with respect for your opponents in a competitive environment. The behaviour exhibited by the team in the evidence provided was not conducive to the competitive environment we want to foster during ICE events.

We have found TUDublin Apes Ambots and TUDublin Ape Escape to be not guilty in relation to the allegations of match fixing. With the evidence provided, as well as an analysis of the VALORANT tournament bracket group stage, we do not believe the outcome of the match during Week 5 was premeditated between both TUDublin teams before the match.

Not only was there no evidence to show that the series was fixed to be predetermined, there is also no evidence to support claims that the series affected the outcome of the regular season or prevented other teams from qualifying for the playoffs. At the end of Week 5 there were still 4 more weeks of regular season games and TUDublin Ambots were in 3rd only two points ahead of DKIT Ravens and TUDublin Ape Escape who were tied for 4th. At that point in the season almost any team could still have qualified for playoffs with most teams having three games left to play. 

The warning given to all members of TUD Ambots will apply for the entirety of the Winter 2021 split, any further warnings given to any player will result in series bans that can escalate to split bans on any subsequent warnings.


– ICE Admin Team