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What do you Study?

Computer Science in UCD.

When did you start playing CSGO?

I pre-ordered the game back in 2012, but only seriously got into it way back in the summer of 2014 with a friend.

Having played for UCD in the CSGO Championship during the last academic year but not quite reaching the finals, do you think you can bring it home this time?

Definitely! We’ve made the necessary upgrades along with everyone themselves improving on a personal level.Myself and Evin particularly have played on numerous other teams including two LANs since the last tournament, so we feel we have a bit of an advantage in terms of teamwork. We’ve played Maynooth before, almost beating them last year and our upgrades, we feel, are better than theirs.

As for the rest of the team, we switched drags over to calling over me so that it frees me up to frag too. He’s a great caller and instrumental to our team, bringing experience that provides us with a bit of structure as well.

What do you think of esports at Collegiate level?

It’s good, but it’s not where it should be in my opinion. A lot of people simply don’t know it exists. For example, Evin had pretty much no clue about the Irish CS:GO groups before I met him, but now he’s evolved to be a pretty sick player and is actively involved in the scene. If players in college don’t know there’s a scene in general for their game of choice, chances are they don’t know there is even a college tournament to begin with.

I hear League is faring particularly well, but that was always going to be the bigger game. With universities having thousands of students, however, I’m surprised by the small uptake in ICE thusfar. I imagine it’ll continue to grow, albeit slowly.

Any words for your fellow students who have yet to get involved in Collegiate Esports?

The biggest thing I’ve had mentioned to me is the skill gap, which is, admittedly, a genuine concern. That’s why ICE has division 2 for League of Legends, and I can see something similar in the future for CS:GOif there continues to be an increased interest. Even just getting involved with other students can be good though as well. In UCD we’ve organised mini society of sorts running under our GameSoc, where we plan to get 10-mans going etc throughout the college, regardless of skill level. It’s all a bit of fun, and nobody should really care about your skill in that kind of game.

Join us tonight over on our Twitch at 8pm to see University College Dublin Team A vs Padges Bois representing Maynooth University